Ok, so here is the deal.  I will attempt to list all of the books which I have purchased and where and an approximate cost for them.  I will then list the pertinent information about the book such as publisher, author, etc.  If a book does not come up as a link it is because it was purchased but not yet read.  Please do not be upset if a book is somewhere you think it should not be.  Also, if you have your own opinions that differ from  mine, or even those that agree, I would love to hear from you.  That is why I have installed the guestbook on the front page.  Feel free to write to me because myself and others would love to hear from you.

I have not scanned any of the covers of the books (as much as I would like to have done so)  because such would probably violate some copyright law, artistic license or just plain hurt someone's feelings.  Also I want to make these pages as fast-loading as I possibly can make them.  It makes my flesh crawl to wait forever to see what I want because someone's loaded the page with graphics.  So, with that said here are the categories.